Real-Time Agent Onboarding
Commission Management
Customer Relationship Management

All modules are unique and can also be combined to eliminate your need for multiple systems.


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Private and secure cloud-based single sign-on integration with agent onboarding, CRM and enrollment systems.    


  • Integrated workflow tool.

  • SaaS deployment.

  • Intelligent reporting features automated statement generation for agents, agencies and health plans.

  • Each module is offered as a standalone or in combination with our other modules to boost efficiencies across the member acquisition continuum.

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Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

We offer clients access to all three modules or just one.

Your Choice, Your Experience. 

Accessible From All Locations

The Engagent Health Platform is provided as a secure SSO private cloud-based SaaS tool. Log in from anywhere.


Why Engagent Health?

We offer a simple-to-use software environment with no extensive customization necessary.

Manage all your health plan's sales operations. 

Engagent Health's single sign-on software as a service SaaS platform provides support for all sales operation activities. As your sales backend, the Engagent Health Platform streamlines the sales process for your internal and external sales agents.


Onboard agents with integrated CRM and commission management modules to create a single resource for all member acquisition efforts.


Increased ROI

Our SaaS solution delivers significant cost savings, increased accessibility and scale. 


Transparent View

Our platform seamlessly integrates with other internal functional areas, CMS and additional third-party entities.

Data Compliance

Complete visibility within the platform provides real-time tracking and storage of sales-related compliance information. 


What People are Saying

Don't just take our word for it. Industry experts have said the following about their experience with the Engagent Health Platform.

"The Engagent Health Platform is easy to use and intuitive. Will make onboarding agents much easier."

"These tools can be a game-changer as health plans move into new markets."

“Real-time reporting would allow me to see all of my campaigns and agent activity in one place.”

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Small National Health Plan

Large Regional Health Plan 


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