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AEP 2020: Impacts and Implications

Today's enrollees have increased demands and health plans need to effectively stay on top of trends that weren't as prevalent in pervious years.

Engagent Health is here to help health plans learn more:

  • Health plans with $0 Premiums lead the way, with more than 50% of all enrollment.

  • Plans with Over-the-Counter (OTC) benefits grew while those without lost membership.

  • Nearly 35% of seniors are shopping online.

  • Plans with increased OTC benefits to differentiate themselves gained 7.5% membership.

  • HMO's still rule with more than 11+ million members, but PPOs have experienced a 10% growth.

Closer look at disproportionate Impacts of COVID-19:

  • African Americans are impacted at a greater rate than other groups.

  • While rural areas are certainly effected, urban areas ares are impacted to a greater extent.

  • Children and the elderly have had the highest death rates, while younger adults are also alarmingly hospitalized.

  • Underlying pre-existing conditions exacerbate the risk of COVID-19.

Health plans and agents must operate and respond in new ways during this year's AEP.

Member Engagement and the capacity of each plan will be affected differently based on internal capabilities, partnerships and service area. The effects of COVID-19 will linger with varying degrees of influence. Let Engagent Health help you navigate the new Impacts and Implications.

Engagent Health’s platform provides the tools agents need to enroll MA beneficiaries, while communicating over the phone or videoconference!

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About Engagent Health: Engagent Health allows users to manage all sales and marketing functions and support from a single sign-on software as a service (SaaS) platform, which provides support for all revenue generation activities. As the sales backend, the Engagent platform streamlines the sales process for onboarding internal and external sales agents, with integrated AgentOversight module, customer relations management (CRM) and commission payment modules to create a single resource for all member acquisition and efforts.

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