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Health Plans Can Help Agents Communicate With Boomers.

Boomers, soon to participate in this year's AEP, really like to communicate. Now is the perfect opportunity to capture and keep their attention. Boomers want to be heard.

Building relationships as early as possible with those Boomers who have embraced tech, requires advanced tech capabilities on the part of Plans. And, Boomers want to know that their needs matter to those who are supposed to be listening.

The difference between the 90%+ of Boomers who like to communicate via text, email and IM and 70%+ of them who trust e-commerce, is a 20%+ opportunity for Agents. At the end of the day, Plans who support agents in their ability to communicate with Boomers benefit alongside consumers.

Providing remote tech options for healthcare education and insurance choices during this year's AEP, will enable Agents to be successful in this new environment. Engagent Health can assist Plans with remote enrollment options.

Contact us today to learn more. 800.369.1139 www.engagenthealth.com. About Engagent Health: Engagent Health allows users to manage all sales and marketing functions and support from a single sign-on software as a service (SaaS) platform, which provides support for all revenue generation activities. As the sales backend, the Engagent platform streamlines the sales process for onboarding internal and external sales agents, with integrated AgentOversight module, customer relations management (CRM) and commission payment modules to create a single resource for all member acquisition and efforts. Engagent Health is headquartered in Winter Park, FL. For more information, please visit www.engagenthealth.com

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