Clinical Trial Recruitment Solutions

Engagent Health is uniquely positioned to recruit participants for clinical trials faster, more efficiently, and more economically than alternatives currently available.

Engagent Health has the resources to act as your one stop contact center for clinical trials. From inbound response to outbound outreach, our HIPAA compliant 24/7 healthcare exclusive call center has the technology, know-how and staff to meet all your clinical trial communication needs.

Clinical Trial Recruitment Solutions​

Services we provide
(both live and automated)

We have the ability to combine any of our state-of-the art services including live answer, IVR, click-to-call, or e-mail, to help you streamline your recruitment process and support protocol compliance. Whether you are a site, CRO, or sponsor, we can design a solution that integrates with your processes and supports smooth and transparent workflows.

Let us help you reach your clinical trial milestones on time and on budget.

Make Engagent Health your Sales platform today!