Freedom To Choose


Whether agents and brokers need to present Medicare Advantage (MA) insurance options to beneficiaries over the phone or online, our system was built to accommodate telephonic or telehealth videoconference presentations.

We understand that while in-home presentations aren’t possible for everyone right now, MA beneficiaries still need to understand their options and trust that they are making the right decisions regarding their healthcare needs.

Using Engagent Health’s platform, your agents can take care of all enrollment processes, including secure electronic signature.

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About Engagent Health: Engagent Health allows users to manage all sales and marketing functions and support from a single sign-on software as a service (SaaS) platform, which provides support for all revenue generation activities. As the sales backend, the Engagent platform streamlines the sales process for onboarding internal and external sales agents, with integrated AgentOversight, customer relations management (CRM) and commission payment modules to create a single resource for all member acquisition and efforts.

Engagent Health is headquartered in Winter Park, FL.

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