Help is on the way


As the Biden administration releases an executive order to allow open enrollment for ACA coverage for an additional three months, previously uninsured people now have the option to access healthcare. We are in times where health insurance is a top priority for Americans. The pandemic has caused an immense strain on all sectors of the United States. Although the current administration has done a good job in creating a pathway for Americans to access care through this window, there are still a series of lingering problems. First, many people who qualify to enroll in ACA coverage are not aware of the new order. Second, people who are aware of the announcement may believe they do not qualify for care when it is possible they may. Finally, people who are aware of the announcement and believe they qualify often believe that they cannot afford the ACA care without knowing the costs.

At Engagent Health, we are on a mission to create change by educating all people on the new and often rapidly changing facts. By changing the perceptions that exist in the status quo, we can make a difference and be a leader in the industry. According to a federal government website titled, “You’re eligible if you have certain life events, like getting married, having a baby, moving, or losing other health coverage.” In essence, the criteria are subjective to a degree, and unless people talk to an expert, there may be questions regarding eligibility. Our advisors are trained to analyze the details of every individual to solve their issues concerning eligibility and cost.

Let’s join forces as one community that will use every outlet to spread the word on this window.

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