Special Announcement: ACA Open Enrollment Extension

The current administration has done a tremendous job delivering a high level of benefits to people across the country. The extension for the ACA open enrollment will continue till August 15, 2021. The plan will allow millions of people more time to take advantage of an enhanced level of benefits created through the American Rescue Plan that passed into law recently. At Engagent Health, we strongly encourage those eligible to enroll and have not done so already to take action now. We believe that these programs will provide a higher number of perks than standard plans and reduce costs exponentially.

According to Lauren Egan, who works with NBC News, “The additional assistance will be available starting April 1 to people enrolling in coverage through HealthCare.gov. Biden said Tuesday that 4 out of 5 Americans shopping for ACA plans could get one for $10 or less per month.” Our goal is ultimately to inform consumers about all of the opportunities they have in front of them as the global pandemic continues to spread until vaccines have gone to all localities. Our licensed experts are always available to assist you in navigating through ever-changing laws and regulations through this time.

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