The Healthcare Industry & Pollution


The problems COVID-19 has caused to the public may be worse off over time because of other lingering issues.

Pollution has been increasing rapidly over the past few years. According to an article under Cardiovascular Business by Michael Walter, “Air pollution has long been seen as a significant contributor to cardiovascular disease (CVD) all over the world, and now it is associated with a greater risk of dying from COVID-19.” Every industry has a part to play in reversing the vast amount of damage that they are causing to the atmosphere, and the healthcare space is no exception.

Hospitals and surgical centers around the United States produce thousands of tons of waste every year when there are proven preventable strategies to offset the amount going into landfills. At Engagent Health, we are focused on making sure our clients are healthy and happy. While identifying the best insurance plans may help improve the odds of success, it is not the whole solution. We firmly stand to improve health outcomes by discovering innovative solutions to reduce pollution and spread the word.

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